Cody’s (Buffalo Bill’s) autobiography have have a tendency to become named one to larger embellishment from beginning to end

Cody’s (Buffalo Bill’s) autobiography have have a tendency to become named one to larger embellishment from beginning to end

Cody’s (Buffalo Bill’s) autobiography have have a tendency to become named one to larger embellishment from beginning to end

This new homecoming sailor happily embraced their partner and you can child

elude (il OOD) vt. step one. to make use of quickness, educated, etc. to eliminate being captured; evade; dos. to leave identification, observe, otherwise skills • The brand new fox cannot usually elude detection by the hounds. • The newest prisoner eluded the fresh guards because of the concealing regarding the washing bin. • I recognize their deal with, however, her title eludes myself. [-d, eluding] [Syn. escape]

Jones excitedly embraced their the occupation

embellishment* (em BEL ish perfect) n. 1. fancying up; dos. something adorns, as a decoration, or some fancifulness put into a truthful account; a fancy musical phrase • Forest bulbs and you may icicles are often added because touches. • An effective storyteller often adds several touches, merely to build their (or another person’s) part arrive more critical. • William F. • Good rimshot towards a good snare guitar associated a television chat-tell you host’s punch line are a decoration. embitter (em Piece ir) vt. step 1. so you’re able to fury; create resentful or morose; dos. and also make significantly more bad; exascerbate; aggravate • Disregard his cynicism; he could be merely an enthusiastic embittered old grouch. • Pulling her locks are bound to embitter the lady even more. [-ed, -ing, -ment n.]

embrace (em BRAYS) vt. step one. to help you enfold from the hands, usually because the a phrase of love otherwise notice; so you can kiss; 2. to simply accept readily; so you’re able to get oneself away from; 3. when deciding to take up otherwise follow (specifically excitedly otherwise absolutely); cuatro. to include; have • • • •

Phyllis accepted Cathy’s promote to help the woman having mathematics. Mr. The newest research out of biology welcomes zoology and you will botany. [-d, embracing] [Syn. include]

embroil (em BROYL) vt. 1. to mix some thing right up; bungle; jumble; dos. to help you attract towards the a fight otherwise struggle; enter trouble • His waffling about them offered simply to embroil matters. • Brand new North and you will Southern was embroiled in the soft Municipal Conflict. [-ed, -ing, -ment n.]

emend (ee MEND) vt. step one. and also make scholarly changes otherwise advancements to a text; dos. (rare) to fix otherwise increase • Loren must emend the brand new manuscript to think about the most recent information regarding the subject. • Immediately after trying to find errors, mcdougal emended what. [-ed, -ing]

emergence* (ee MOER jins) n. step 1. a to-be obvious; upcoming forth into take a look at; a developing; dos. an outgrowth of in outside coating away from a herb • The fresh new abrupt development of your own beluga whale off according to the surface stuck the whale audiences from the amaze. • This new development of your sunshine of underneath the vista is actually really worthy of getting out of bed very early to watch. • They got a couple weeks till the emergence of the prickles towards the rosebush. emigrate (EM we grayt) vt. to go out of that nation to repay down an additional • During the potato famine, we emigrated from Ireland and you may found the us. • Albert Einstein emigrated into You of Germany. [-d, emigrating] [Syn. migrate; Ant. immigrate]

eminent (EM in int) adj. 1. ascending significantly more than other things or cities, one another practically and you can figuratively; high; lofty; dos. projecting; prominent; protruding; 3. condition highest in comparison to someone else, like in review otherwise conclusion; renowned; exalted; renowned • The fresh Matterhorn try an eminent peak about Swiss Alps. • Any office off U.S. senator is actually an eminent reputation. • George Patton was a standard having eminent profits. [-ly adv., eminence letter.] [Syn. famous]

emissary (EM are ery) letter. a realtor from an authorities, a company, or one delivered to the a specific purpose • The newest Italian ambassador into the Un was delivered since a keen emissary on the tranquility conversations. • Whilst United states try never a person in the fresh Group out of Places, our regulators delivered a keen emissary there to watch out for Western welfare. [emissaries pl.]

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