Precious Probationary Partner (Chinese Small-Drama Review & Summary)

Precious Probationary Partner (Chinese Small-Drama Review & Summary)

Precious Probationary Partner (Chinese Small-Drama Review & Summary)

  • Genre: Relationship, Disability, Rich Man/Worst Woman, Deal Dating, Mini-drama
  • Discharge Time:
  • Origin: China
  • Cdrama: 24 Symptoms (5 minute for each and every)
  • Qi Keli since Xia Your
  • Zeng Tiantian as Lin Zenyan
  • Li Ziyuan as the Ling Chen
  • DJ Umi once the Qin Loulou
  • DJ Tracy just like the Cheng Zhi

When she fulfilled him, she try surprised to obtain your in the process of providing a shower however, completely uninformed to help you their presence. Therefore she was that have him regarding shower and you will would not assist however, see him out from top to bottom and she try taste what she watched.

However, a wife from his came getting in touch with because of the and you may surprised so you’re able to pick Xia Your at home and thus did Lin Zenyan.

However, he had been uncomfortable out-of his guest thus the guy said that the woman is actually their brand new butler and wish to remain alone.

Lin Zenyan advised Xia Your which he create pay the lady handsomely but she was required to abide to their about three standards. First: obey his acquisition for any reason, Second: She’s with the phone call 24/eight and you may Third: if this needs it, the woman is to help you pretend getting their partner.

Xia You is actually forced to make the job very she you’ll shell out their dad’s gambling costs you’re borrowing from the bank money around this lady term. She including needed to care for the scientific costs out of her ill mommy.

Miss Sanny was getting they truly that Zenyan and you may Xia Your was basically dating

In the event Zenyan are blind, he had been a very exacting boss whom you can expect to give whether a good java are instant otherwise regarding a coffee machine.

Xia You discover Zenyan with a disturbed night very she lived and you may comforted your up until she dropped sleeping at the side of him.

Our home was in dark, Xia You are impression her method to the light switch whenever she groped the brand new naked breasts and you may abdominal muscles regarding Zenyan instead.

Xia Your took Zenyan so you’re able to a cafe or restaurant which he believe try maybe not higher end. He was really dismissive of smell like meals however, Xia You become eating your with her hands and he try loving it additionally the food.

Cheng Mu named Xia You to tell their one to her dad got lent a great number of money from your.

She decided to go to confront their dad and you may advised him which he was such a waste of area She’ll completely wash the woman hand off your immediately after this lady mom improves.

Inside her worry, she ended up within the a pub whenever she try almost accosted by the a person. Fortunately, Ling Chen are around to store the girl.

Xia You visited practice the lady preparing having Zenyan given that their dummy restaurants tester otherwise taster. He had been extremely goal. He told her exactly what the guy including and you may exactly what doesn’t work.

Xia Your was ill which have flu. Zenyan cared for the lady and thus performed Cheng Mu who delivered her rice porridge.

Zenyan and Xia You had been thus adored upwards

Zenyan are thus envious out of Cheng Mu. When Cheng Mu left, Zenyan kissed Xia Your warmly even with Xia You’s objection that he you are going to hook the girl flu virus.

Loulou advised Xia Your when brand new panel been aware of how it happened into the competition one Zenyan try directly related to Xia You, the fresh new board will discount Zenyan.

Meanwhile, Xia You’s father discovered the girl and you can desired extra cash, when Xia Your objected this lady dad turned alternatively unlawful but was stopped by Zenyan just who offered the person his mastercard.

Xia Your is so frustrated with Zenyan to possess giving the girl father their charge card. She told your one the lady father try a beneficial bottomless pit.

Zenyan try unhappy together also becasue she didn’t tell him in the her dad and her issue with your, he may have assisted.

Zenyan provided the woman an excellent necklace he inherited away from their mom. The guy informed Xia You one to their mommy told your to give they into the lady the guy enjoys.

The guy put the woman to help you his works and had her looking at their lap while he made the lady realize certain dull guides in order to your.

Cheng Mu admitted so you can Xia Your. The guy mentioned that the guy realized he was far too late but every a similar the guy wished this lady to know that she try this new most crucial treasure inside the lives.

Zenyan said not to ever worry once the he was only in time to show off of the kitchen stove. Then admitted to the lady that he’s today partly sighted having retrieved forty% off his vision.

At the same time, Loulou watched Xia Your in the medical. She advised Xia One Spiritual dating service go-away forever and she can assist Zenyan get well his eyesight totally from the employing the best doc. She’d and assist Xia You’s mommy.

Xia You typed a letter to help you Zenyan and leftover the necklace on letter. She up coming remaining while Zenyan was in the fresh new functioning movies.

The guy later hired private investigators to locate Xia Your however, she appeared to has vanished regarding deal with of one’s world.

Even with Xia Your are perhaps not in the world anynore, Loulou can’t get Zenyan’s desire. He previously be a whole playboy with a special woman for every single date.

Zenyan was flummoxed given that son none appeared as if your neither Xia You. The fresh boy had brown skin. ???????? which have broad nostrils instead of new cut noses from Zenyan and you can Xia You.

In any event, Xia You asserted that she was already two months pregnant whenever she left. She are consulting a physician regarding the healthcare whenever Loulou spotted the woman.

Anyhow, they made up and you will Zenyan said the guy did need their out of opportinity for some time thus she doesn’t get the fresh force of Loulou’s ire and have mixed up in business government.

I must say i liked this drama as well as the male direct is really good looking therefore the head girl are charming but was really distressed towards conclude. A lot of reduce closes needed tieing up.

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